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Q: I found your property on Craigslist. Being a free service, I am concerned about scams. Are there any places you feature paid ads?

A: Yes. We have a paid listing on HomeAway: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p3959926


Q: Is this property private or shared with others?

A: It is totally private ... most of the time. There is, however, a separate 2nd story living quarters that the owners (a 40-something couple who live elsewhere on the island) will occasionally occupy for a night or two. They do not utilize the outdoor space while the rental is occupied and they're uber respectful of guest's privacy, and so they'll have no impact on your stay.


Q: What have previous guests thought of their stay?

A: They've loved it! Click here to view photos taken of our initial guestbook entries.


Q: Where is The Swell House located?

A: Just on the outskirts of the famous north shore town of Haleiwa (click here to view our approximate location), which is - hands down! - the coolest little town in all of Hawaii. Others agree:


Q: What is there to do in the immediate area?

A: Our Area Mapwhich highlights a couple dozen of our favorite places in town, is a great place to start. Eating and shopping aside, of course surfing is the real star of the show, at least in the winter months (though the surf culture pervades year-round). But it's not all about surfing! The diving/snorkeling is excellent and the hiking amazing, while the numerous weekend farmer's markets offer an authentic glimpse into life in the country, Hawaiian style. For a broader, island-wide sense of things to do, we recommend the guidebook Oahu Revealed.


Q: What's your noise policy?

A: Our working-class neighborhood gets very quiet after dark, and so we ask guests to keep noise down after 10:00. The gazebo lights, on a timer, will shut off at that time and it's time to move indoors.


Q: Do I need to rent a vehicle?

A: We absolutely recommend that you do, as there are several things on the north shore and across the island that we feel deserve a visit and that are, for all intents and purposes, inaccessible without a vehicle. What are some of those places you should see? There are just too many to list! As mentioned above, we recommend the guidebook Oahu Revealed for travel planning.

Q: Do guests receive a dedicated parking space?

A: Yes, guests are given one dedicated parking space. There is no fee for parking. If you plan to have more than one vehicle (or have visitors during their stay), there is plenty of available street parking.


Q: How near is The Swell House to the famous big waves?

A: The first leg of the Triple Crown of Surfing is hosted a mere five minute drive away at Ali'i Beach Park (just west of Haleiwa Joes, Item 22 on the Area Map). Other famous surfbreaks, like Waimea Bay and Banzai Pipeline, are 10-15 minutes to the northeast.


Q: I'm not a surfer and would prefer calmer water. How close it that?

A: Yet again, you're in luck! There is a protected bay immediately to the east of Surf N Sea (Item 23 on the Area Map) that stays calm all winter long. Of course in non-winter months, just about any stretch of north shore beach is accessible.

Q: I am concerned about the logistics of arriving, checking out, etc. How does it work?

A: We recognize the potential for guest's coming and going at "odd" times of the day and night. Because of this, we have established all processes and procedures to make you 100% self-sufficient during your stay. It all starts with the reservation: once the deposit has been received, we email a confirmation that includes the property address, directions from the airport, parking instructions, the code to the lockbox to let yourself in, and a phone number to call in the event of any problems. Once you've arrived, everything inside is fairly straightforward. However, there is a detailed house guide to assist you in the event that you have problems finding something or figuring out how to use something. As for check-out, once again, you'll be completely self-sufficient. Simply hang up the keys, lock the doors, and you're off!


Q: I have friends living/staying elsewhere on the island, and would like to host a small gathering. Can I?

A: We may consider allowing small, day time gatherings involving non-guests. If you plan such a gathering, please let us know prior to reserving so that we can discuss the details.


Q: What is the weather generally like at the time of year I'm planning to visit?

A: Haleiwa's monthly temperature and rainfall averages can be found here.


Q: Aside from the listed amenities, what other little things might be provided?

A. We pass along various items that are purchased but not wholly used by previous guests, in an effort to both reduce unnecessary waste and to save future guests some expense. Our "pass along" criteria is basically this: if future guests may find the item useful - but not weird or odd - we pass it along. In the kitchen, this may include things like spices and seasonings, salad dressings, condiments, soy sauce, jelly, butter and oils. In the bathroom, this may include things like shampoo, conditioner, lotions and sunblock. To be clear, we absolutely do not guarantee any of these items to be provided, but merely pass them along if they are left behind by previous guests.

We acknowledge that some guests may have personal brand preferences and/or feel uncomfortable sharing some of these items. As such, and with unnecessary waste reduction in mind, we compromise by being highly selective in what we pass along. We trust that guests, whether they choose to use the items or not, will appreciate this eco-inspired practice.


Q: Is there free WiFi available?

A: Yes.